Friday, June 14, 2019

Laravel 4 Scheduller with dispatcher

Dispatcher is a Laravel artisan command scheduling tool used to schedule artisan commands within your project so you don't need to touch your crontab when deploying.

For Futher Information go to this link Dispatcher.

  • Do you hate to touch crontab to add scheduller in laravel?
  • Do you hate with all crontab configuration when add scheduller in different servers?
Congratulations,  Laravel has package to handle this problem using Dispatcher. Everthing become simple and easy with this package. Doubt? Here we go!

Tool Kit

  • PHP 5.3+ or HHVM
  • Laravel 4


In your application add this to your "require" :{} composer.json

    "indatus/dispatcher": "1.4.*@dev"

remember to do composer update.
In your app/config/app.php providers array add this line:



  scheduled:make              Create a new scheduled artisan command
  scheduled:run               Run scheduled commands
  scheduled:summary           View a summary of all scheduled artisan commands

Build scheduled command

php artisan scheduled:make yourCommands

Register scheduled command

In Your app/start/artisan.php add this line depend on Your Command :

Artisan::add(new yourCommands);


Go to your command app/command/yourCommands and change 

// my artisan command will be php artisan cron:mycommands
protected $name = 'cron:yourCommands';

// Configure this functions to change schedule time
public function schedule(Schedulable $scheduler)
  // Change this function to change time
  return $scheduler->daily();

This is Scheduler Changes time function example list:

//every day at 4:17am
return $scheduler->daily()->hours(4)->minutes(17);

//every Monday/Friday at 8:30am
return $scheduler->daysOfTheWeek([

// Using Raw Commands
//every other day at 1:59am, 13:59pm and 23:59pm
return $scheduler->setSchedule(59, [1,13,23], '*/2', '*', '*');

// Every minutes
return $scheduler->everyMinutes();

// Every 20 minutes
return $scheduler->everyMinutes(10);

// Every hours
return $scheduler->everyHours();

Cron Setup

In console add

crontab -e
* * * * * php {{ path to your app}}/artisan scheduled:run 1>> /dev/null 2>&1


If your cron not running check this

// Via console, check your mcrypt
php -i | mcrypt.

// Via console
php artisan scheduled:run --debug 
backup:avatars: No schedules were due
     command:name: No schedules were due
     myTestCommand:name: No schedules were due
     cache:clean: /usr/bin/env php /Users/myUser/myApp/artisan cache:clean > /dev/null &
     mail:subscribers: /usr/bin/env php /Users/myUser/myApp/artisan mail:subscribers > /dev/null &

// Via Console
php artisan scheduled:summary
//It works if output something like this:
| Environment(s) | Name             | Args/Opts | Minute | Hour | Day of Month | Month | Day of Week | Run as |
| *              | schedule:test    |           | */5    | *    | *            | *     | *           |        |


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